Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float design ‘Marco Polo: East Meets West’

Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float

Rose Parade 2016 is around the corner !

With less than 2 months left for the Rose Parade, it is the time when i am sure you all must be searching for Rose Parade 2016 Floats.

On Friday, 30th October 2015, Singpoli Group, LLC and Paradiso Parade Floats announced that their entry for the 2016 Rose Parade will be titled “Marco Polo: East Meets West.”

I am sure you might be eager to know about Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float design…

Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float design features a magnificent fire-breathing dragon as shown in photo below.

This drag will breathe real fire throughout the Rose Parade and smoke will also pour from the flaming purple pearl in the dragon’s claw.

A costumed rider who portrays Marco Polo will be riding on the moon bridge at the front of the float. The Venetian flag, featuring St. Mark’s winged lion will be waved overhead.

The dragon’s dramatic looping body would measure 175 feet long if it were straightened.

This magnificent float has been designed by Charles Meier of Paradiso Parade Floats.

The 127th Tournament of Roses Parade, which takes place on Jan. 1, 2016, will be the third year that Singpoli has entered a float.

Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float Photo :

Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float

Singpoli 2016 Rose Parade Float Video :

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