Rose Parade Awards & Trophies 2020

Rose Parade Awards 2020: Every year, after the Rose Parade takes place, awards and trophies are presented to these flower-decorated floats in a variety of categories and specifications.

There are around twenty three or twenty four awards presented each year.

Rose Parade Awards Trophies

A three-member judging panel, composed of civic and floral industry leaders, is appointed by the Tournament of Roses Judging Committee to evaluate the floats within a range of classifications.

Scores are given to all floats for all award categories based on criteria such as creative design, floral craftsmanship, artistic merit, computerized animation, thematic interpretation, floral and color presentation, and dramatic impact.

The 131st annual Rose Parade took place on January 1, 2020. I am sure you all might be eager to know the names of Winners of Rose Parade 2020 Awards….

Once the Rose Parade 2020 gets over we will have here Rose parade 2020 Float Winners.

Rose Parade 2020 Float Winners :

  • SWEEPSTAKES TROPHY (for most beautiful entry in the parade) –
  • LATHROP K. LEISHMAN TROPHY (for most beautiful non-commercial float) 
  • GRAND MARSHAL’S TROPHY (for excellence in creative concept and design)
  • PAST PRESIDENT’S TROPHY (for creative design and use of floral and non-floral materials)
  • DIRECTOR’S TROPHY (for outstanding artistic merit in design and floral presentation) –
  • QUEEN’S TROPHY (for use and display of roses in concept, design and presentation) –
  • MAYOR’S TROPHY (for most outstanding national or international entry) –
  • THEME TROPHY (for excellence in presenting parade theme) – 
  • NATIONAL TROPHY (for best depiction of life in the U.S.) –
  • GOVERNOR’S TROPHY (for best depiction of life in California) –
  • JUDGE’S SPECIAL TROPHY (for spectacular showmanship and dramatic impact) –
  • FANTASY TROPHY (for outstanding display of fantasy and imagination) –
  • FOUNDERS’ TROPHY (for most beautiful float decorated by volunteers) –
  • INTERNATIONAL TROPHY (for a float from outside the U.S.) –
  • PRINCESS’ TROPHY (for most beautiful, 35 feet and shorter) –
  • ISABELLA COLEMAN TROPHY (for presentation of color and color harmony through floral use) –
  • TOURNAMENT VOLUNTEERS’ TROPHY (for best floral design, 35 feet and shorter) –
  • EXTRAORDINAIRE TROPHY (for most spectacular float) –
  • CROWN CITY INNOVATION TROPHY (for use of imagination and innovation to advance the “art of float design”) –

After Rose Parade 2020 gets over we will let you know the name of winners.

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