Rose Bowl Game 2018 Kickoff Luncheon

Ever year the Tournament of Roses has lots of events which happen before the actual Rose Bowl Game.

One such important pregame event related to the Rose Bowl Game is the Rose Bowl Game Kickoff Luncheon.

Rose Bowl Game Kickoff Luncheon

Rose Bowl Game 2018 Kickoff Luncheon :

The 2018 Rose Bowl Game Kickoff Luncheon will take place on Saturday, December 30, 2017 in the Rose Bowl area.

This luncheon event will bring together the coaches, athletes, marching bands and pep squads of the teams participating in the 2018 Rose Bowl Game.

Apart from them, the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees and 2018 Royal Court will also be present in this event.

Tickets are priced at $90 and are available to the public. You can purchase the tickets for the Rose Bowl Game 2018 Kickoff Luncheon from Ticketmaster.

Note : If possible we will have Photos and Videos of Rose Bowl Game 2018 Kickoff Luncheon on our website. Visit us again.

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