Lawry’s Beef Bowl for 2019 Rose Bowl Game

Ever year the Tournament of Roses has lots of events which happen before the actual Rose Bowl Game.

One such important pregame event or call it a tradition is the Lawry’s Beef Bowl.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib is home to the legendary Lawry’s Beef Bowl, now in its 60th year of proud association with The Tournament of Roses.

The Lawry’s Beef Bowl began in 1956 and in the last five decades, the teams participating in the Rose Bowl Game have taken part in the ‘Beef Bowl‘ at Lawry’s the Prime Rib in Beverly Hills.

Over the years, this meal has become a Southern California tradition.

The restaurant says it’s fed more than 75,000 pounds of beef to about 19,000 players and coaches.

Though the competition aspect has been played down in the last few years in favor of better health and nutrition, the winning team is the one that chucks the most prime rib.

Lawry’s Beef Bowl 2019 :

Lawry's Beef Bowl

Lawry’s Beef Bowl 2019 will take place on 28 and 29 December 2018.

Both football teams playing in the Rose Bowl Game (Florida State Seminoles and Oregon Ducks) has one night to chow down on beef at Lawry’s The Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills.

This event is not open to the public, but fans can usually get to see photos and videos of this event soon after it takes place.

About Lawry’s The Prime Rib :

Lawry's Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills, California

Lawry’s The Prime Rib is an upscale gourmet restaurant chain specializing in prime rib. The original location on Restaurant Row on La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California, was opened in 1938 by Lawrence L. “Lawry” Frank and Walter Van de Kamp.

Today, the restaurant chain has several additional locations in the United States and world wide.

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